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Durable Exterior Paints

Xynpol SA527L is a new multipurpose binder which can provide outstanding properties in a range of demanding speciality applications.

Xynpol AO557L brochure

Latest brochure about this advanced hydrophobic polymer is now available for download as a PDF file.

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Welcome to Xyntra Chemicals B.V.

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Xyntra excel in the supply, manufacture and development of polymers, additives and speciality chemicals. Our polymers are predominantly though not exclusively water based and serve a wide variety of markets including coatings, construction, adhesives and home and personal care.


Our additives are designed to complement our polymers and wherever possible we work with customers to improve performance of formulations, offering alternative solutions to problems.

Xyntra have a very active programme of innovation to meet the challenge of performance, quality yet environmentally friendly products. Please register on our website with your technical or supply problems or to seek more information on our products.