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About Us

Sustainability and innovation are at the core of Xyntra’s business philosophy. These are not just statements of intent but demonstrable practice at Xyntra.

Xyntra constantly strives to lower its Carbon Footprint by reducing packaging, raising active component levels in our products and minimising waste. The introduction of new chemistries and energy efficient processes along with raw materials from sustainable sources, have and will continue to be implemented.

Xyntra works closely with companies and institutions that share our philosophy. At Xyntra we feel that forging close partnerships around our core competencies allows both partners to reach innovative, cost effective and timely solutions.

Xyntra has a range of competencies and chemistries including:

Please note that other specialist platforms can be discussed under appropriate non-disclosure agreements.

If you feel your organization would benefit from a creative synergy with us we would be delighted to hear from you.

People and Contacts

Experienced technical group:

We have technical experts with wide experience in development and application of aqueous polymer systems and a track record of supplying innovative and solutions to customers

Business partners:

Protective Technology Pty Ltd - Australia/New Zealand 

SLC (The Synthetic Latex Company (Pty) Limited) - South Africa

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