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Applications for Xyntra polymers and additives

We can offer product solutions in surface coating, adhesive and speciality areas with a reponsive technical team available to work with you to optimise formulation and application of products for individual requirements. Below are a few examples of Xyntra products in use....

Optimising PSA performance

Xynpol PA431K offers an aggressively tacky film with high adesion to most surfaces but limited shear resistance. Xynpol PA432K drys to form high cohesion films with moderate adhesion and tack, combinationof the two polymers can be used to tailor fil ...

Maximise gloss of your paint formulation

Xynwet 4000BW is a solvent-free wetting agent derived from naturally occurring sugars which are readily biodegradable (according to OECD 301F). Added in the grind stage or as a post add itcan bring performance benefits includingenhanced gloss in wate ...

Water resistant barrier coating with Veocryl

Xynpol AO557L provides excellent water vapour barrier performance. Formulation XSC15, (below), was tested in accordance with ISO 7783:2011. A dry film of 250 μmyielded Class 3 performance after 14 days, (Diffusion equivalent air thickness (sD) >1 ...


New developments - what next?

Our ongoing development programme aims to bring innovative and cost effective products to the market - expect to see something new shortly..... 


High performance binder for anti-corrosive paints, a specially modified, aqueous dispersion of a styrene-acrylic copolymer for use in anti-corrosion coatings is in advanced stage of scale up.

Dispersion Features:

Excellent corrosion resistance
Very good early water resistance
High gloss development
Excellent adhesion to steel
Can be used in primers, DTM, topcoats



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